Creating a simple pod using the CFPOD tag in ColdFusion

The following example shows how you can create a simple content pod using the <CFPOD> tag in ColdFusion.

<cffeed action="read"
        query="rssFeed" />
<cfpod title="ColdFusion Examples RSS Feed" width="400">
    <cfoutput query="rssFeed">
        <li>[#DateFormat(rssFeed.publishedDate)#] <a href="#rssFeed.rssLink#">#rssFeed.title#</a></li>

And the output of the <CFPOD> tag is as follows:

One thought on “Creating a simple pod using the CFPOD tag in ColdFusion”

  1. I have a cfpod/jquery problem. Sorry if this is wrong place to ask it. Maybe you can direct me to an answer. I code where a

    jquery draggable not working within coldfusion tag. It works if I run it alone, but it is in the cfpod tag is stops working.



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